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William Alston
William Alston
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Elongated Cooling Bands
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(334) 203-1336
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My invention is an elongated cooling gel band that will be marketed under the trademark "Frozen Ropes." This device can be fastened around the head or neck to provide instant cooling and can increase comfort and performance, reduce sweating, and help prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The cooling gel bands are highly effective for athletes and can also be used by gardeners, construction workers, or anyone seeking relief from the heat. The elongated cooling gel bands are also highly effective first-aid devices for sprains, bruises, or contusions. The devices can be easily wrapped around an injured area, encircling the entire joint, and providing instant relief from swelling. Traditional ice packs must be taped to the injured body part, cover only one side of the injury, and inhibit mobility. The elongated cooling gel bands will be extremely popular with Certified Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, fitness clubs, and coaches. Extensive searches have found no competing products for the elongated cooling gel bands. Current cooling devices such as wet-and-snap cooling cloths typically provide less than ten minutes of cooling. My cooling gel bands provide up to 40 minutes of cooling. Coaches in all sports will want to keep portable freezers filled with "Frozen Ropes" on the sidelines of practices and games. During timeouts or breaks, athletes will wrap the devices around their heads and necks to get instant relief from the heat, and Athletic Trainers will want dozens of the devices on hand to treat injuries. Golfers, tennis players, gardeners and others will want to keep a cooler with 4 or 5 of the bands to help them cool off during breaks. My cooling device is made up of an elongated poly tube filled with a special gel that remains soft and pliable when frozen. The gel-filled tube is inserted into a removable fabric sleeve, and this sleeve may have a velcro fastener or may simply be tied (see attached photos). The poly tubing is 2 inches wide and can be cut to any desired length. The length of the finished bands is 12 to 14 inches for use on the head or neck but may be made as long as 50 inches for the treatment of injuries. The covering fabric sleeve provides an opening for inserting and removing the elongated tubing so that the sleeve can be washed and reapplied. The cooling gel is made with a safe, all natural formula composed of water, salt, and starch. The described devices are extremely durable and can be worn, washed, and refrozen countless times. My prototypes have been used countless times over the past two years without any signs of wear.
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