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salvatore deiana
salvatore deiana
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pivoting bicycle seat
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(604) 253-8663
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All present bicycle seats create friction, pain, genital problems and are not energy efficient. Look at how the cyclist shifts his upper weight to add more force to pressure the pedal, yet this force is partially wasted by a rigid seat that fails partially to transmit the upper body push to the limbs below, because the total body energy flow is interrupted in the middle by an unmoving seat. This is what creates friction, pain, genital problems and energy waste. The Pivoting Bicycle Seat is a gyroscope seat that turn every each way like a antiaircraft battery seat that synchronises its moves with the seater. The Pivoting Bicycle Seat rolls side to side and rotates left to right and right to left all at the same time. This invention is a truly great opportunity for investor and manufacturers world wide do not miss it!
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