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Effective Product Promotion and Potential Invention Patenting

Post your creations and advertisements for free on InventSpec, a company based in Washington, DC, that assists inventors with affordable, yet experienced product promotion and invention patenting. We eliminate the hassle of making your own website, and give your products proper exposure. Here, third parties, such as manufacturers and other agencies, will have access to your ideas. This is an outlet where inventors like you can put their creations on blast in hopes of obtaining trademarks, patents, and other licenses. Other than offering a platform for product exposure, we also give advice on general business conduct and listings. Along the way, we will also give you suggestions for optimum success.

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Industry-Recognized Invention Licensing

Put your product on the market with legitimate invention licensing by utilizing the enhance listing service on InventSpec in Washington, DC. For just a monthly fee of $19.95, or an annual payment of $95.95, our team will review your listings and product and give additional feedback for guaranteed opportunity. The following are the benefits offered to enhance listing customers:
  Potential licensing
  Hosting of the Invention
  Overall Exposure of the Item

Trademarks, Patents, and Other Licenses

Once you have received the paperwork for any licenses, be sure to scan them and upload the pictures on your page. These will increase your chances of manufacturers collaborating with you on your product.

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